Booster Club


Booster Board and Committee Chairs


Executive Board

President:  Andrea Fox

Vice President:  Barb Roy 

Vice President:  Holly Bence

Color Guard VP:  Michelle Ladoucieur

Treasurer:  Donna Camp

Secretary:  Molly Fierros

Historian:  Meredith Kornegay

Game Day Drinks:  Barb Roy

Game Day Meals:  Veronica Butler

Spirit Nights:  Veronica Butler

Sponsorships:  Veronica Butler

Clements High School Band and Guard Booster Club
P.O. Box 19756
Sugar Land, TX

CHS Band and Guard Booster Club Constitution and By-Laws – REVISED 03-01-2016

Introduction to Robert’s Rules of Order
We will use this basic outline of parliamentary procedure for all Booster meetings (Regular Monthly Meetings, Executive Board Meetings, and Executive Committee Meetings)

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