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Frequently Asked Questions


1. When does the CHS marching band practice?
The marching band has a short camp in May to introduce everyone to the music and fundamentals. The band does not practice again until July 29th for summer band. Students can take vacation anytime from May 23 up to July 28th. Rehearsals in summer band are, usually in the early morning or late evening (to avoid the sun), and sometimes both.


2. When does the band practice during the school year?
The band practices during marching season for a total of 8 hours per week ONLY THROUGH THE FIRST WEEK OF NOVEMBER!! There are no rehearsals on MOST Tuesdays so that students can attend tutorials, lessons, or meetings. After-school rehearsals cease after the last football game until the end of the semester. In the spring, students meet weekly for a one-hour section rehearsal and a 2-hour full band rehearsal (starting in late February).


3. Do grades tend to drop in academic classes during the busy marching season?
No. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Our students have consistently earned their highest marks in academics during the marching season. Their grades tend to drop after marching is over, when there is less structure after school. We also have a band tutoring program that many of our students benefit from.


4. When do football games and contests happen?
Typically, our first football game is Labor Day weekend. Most games occur on Friday or Saturday nights at one of the two stadiums in our district. In October, we attend two weekend contests, UIL (Tuesday), and FBISD Band Night (Tuesday). We will not know exact dates of these events until late May. In the spring, solo/ensemble is in late March/early April and our UIL concert contests are in late April.


5. When do students audition in 8th grade for the CHS band?
Audition music will become available in early April. After about 3 weeks of preparation, CHS directors will listen to each student perform their audition. Most incoming freshmen enter the Concert 2 band, some will make the Concert 1 band, and few if any will make the Symphonic Band.


6. Does the band take a trip?
Yes. Every year the band will travel to an in-state location (Dallas, San Antonio) to perform at a contest and have fun at theme parks. Once every 3-4 years, the band will take an out-of-state trip. Our out of state trip next year may be in the fall to a Bands of America Regional. Occasionally, the marching band may take an overnight trip, such as UIL State Marching Contest this past year.


7. How important are summer marching band rehearsals?
These are extremely important, especially for freshmen. We march more freshmen in our show than any other school in Ft. Bend. When the uniform is on, freshmen have to look like seniors. Attendance is imperative because this is a visual activity. We try to get as much done in August to reduce the amount of stress students feel when school starts. This year, summer band rehearsals will begin on July 29th for all students.


8. Can I play a sport and also be in band?
Yes. We have an excellent rapport with all of the coaches on our campus. You can play any of the sports offered at Clements and participate in band. Remember, everyone in marching band is on the “varsity” team, but in athletics, you will start on the “freshman” team

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